Composition :

Vanamin Plus consists various essential concentrted macro & micro minerals and ions such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Chlorides and Sulphates fortified with Amino acids and Growth Enhancers.


Pond Preparation 25 to 30kg per acre

Stocking time: 24 hrs before stocking during 9 to 11 AM

Regular dosage: 10 to 20kgs per acre once a week.

During moulting & soft shelling:20 to 30kgs per acre


  Upgrades the level of minerals in the pond.

   Keeps the stock healthy and maximizes productivity.

   Facilitates regular moulting & improves survival rate.

   Prevents loose shell,soft shelling & tail cramping.

   Maintains stable and healthy bloom.

   Improves the colour of the pond. Reduces crop duration by facilitating faster growth.

   Provides better immunity to overcome stress.