Water Probiotic

Vibro Controller(EMS & RMS)

Soil Probiotic

Gill Infections

Composition :

It contains the following ingredients in suitable proportions Soil probiotic, Zeolite, Yucca Schidigera, Neem powder.

Dosage: Shrimps /Prawns

During Pond preparation : 10 kgs./acre.

During Culture : 5- 7.5k ms/acre.

Fish Dose : 10kg/acre Or advised by aqua consultant.

Dose may very depending on pond condition and stocking density.


  Rapidly absorbs toxic gases such as NH3, H2S

   Eliminates bad odours from pond water.

   Promotes fertility of pond bottom.

   Enhances plankton growth

   Makes pond environment pollution free.

   Acts as antibacterial,antifungal and anti portozoan.

   Controls extenal infections.

  Develops and stabilizes colour.