Water Probiotic

Vibro Controller(EMS & RMS)

Soil Probiotic

Gill Infections

Composition :

Each gram of Material contains Minimum 8 Billion CFU/Gram of 5 different species of Lactic acid bacteria along with Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus Megaterium, Bacillus Pumilis and Bacillus Polymixa with Saccharomyces Species.

Dosage: Shrimps /Prawns

During Pond preparation : 10 kgs./acre.

During Culture : 5- 7.5k ms/acre.

Fish Dose : 10kg/acre Or advised by aqua consultant.

Dose may very depending on pond condition and stocking density.


  MB - 12 Supreme is a very Efficient Probiotic formulation with Efficient Lactic acid Bacillus Which were more superior to Antibiotics and can control the disease in the biologically

   MB - 12 Supreme Probiotics are very much safe to all Aquatic Species.

   MB - 12 Supreme contains some special Saccharomyces species which are known to control many Microbial Infections to Shrimp.

   MB - 12 Supreme has proven Efficient in controlling all kinds of Vibrio Infections in culture period.

   MB - 12 Supreme controls the Infection by the Process of Antagonism and Competitive Exclusion and thus controls the Pathogenic bacteria in a Biological way.

   MB - 12 Supreme application has controlled the E.M.S (Early Mortality Syndrome) is the Shrimp by controlling the Vibrio Species in the field trails.

   MB - 12 Supreme is efficient in fighting against many kinds of Pathogenic bacteria species including Vibrio and thus controls the R.M.S (Running Mortality Syndrome) is culture.

  MB - 12 Supreme regular applications helps in Increases the Yields and decreases the risks in the culture period.

  MB - 12 Supreme is a very good choice for controlling all kinds of Pathogenic Vibrio and other bacterial, Fungal and Viral Infections.