Highly Potent Sanitizer - Anti Viral , Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal

Composition :

Potassium Peroxomono Sulphate Triple Salt. 52%

Amido Sulfonic Acid 12%

Sodium Salt of LAB 10%

Dicarboxylic acid (HO2CCH2CHOHCO2H) 7%

Calgon S 5%

Sodium Chloride 2%

Buffers & Excipments 12%


POND PREPARATION - 500 - 1000 gms / acre

V-CURE to be mixed in 100 Ltrs water and to be sprayed uniformily till entire pond get wetted

Regular Sanitation - 300 - 500 gms/acre/week

During Disease Outbreak - 1000 gms / acre


  It prevents scaling by softening water,normalizing the alkalinity and hardness in water.

  V-CURE is a new generation broad - spectrum aquaculture disinfectant with indepedently proven efficacy against virus, bacteria, fungi, and microbial spores.

   V-CURE is an Oxygen based disinfectant containing simple organic salts and organic acids. It consists of a balanced stabilized blend of peroxygen componds, organic acids, surfactant, and an inorganic buffer system.

  The active substance in V-CURE potassium peroxomonosulphate triple salt.

  V-CURE works primarily by oxidizing proteins and other components of cell proto plasm, resulting in inhibition of enzyme systems and loss of cell wall integrity.

   V-CURE does not contain any harsh chemicals and does not work as a chemical poison like the other disinfectants. Instead of being a single chemical compound.

   V-CURE is in fact a mixture of 6 different biocides all designed to work together in harmony against different physical and chemical structures within the micro organism.

  These give the product unparalleled range of anti microbial activity and potency even under relatively high organic matter loads which degrade efficacy of other biocides.