Composition :

Aqua Booster is a scientific blend of probiotic feed supplement Enzymes Amino Acids & Vitamins which helps for better utilization of nutrients and growth promotion in Fishes, Prawns & Shrimps.


For optimum Results :

Shrimps / Prawns : 5-10 gms

Fish : 3 - 5 gms / 1 kg of feed

or as directed by the Aquaculture Consultant.


  Ensures healthy balanced Gut micraflora.

  Improves efficiency of digestive system.

  Improves resistance to stress of all kind.

  Faster growth rate and efficient weight gain.

  Improves immunity and reduces mortality.

  Phytase converts the (Present in feed) into available Phosphorus.

  Phosphorus supplementation checks loose shell problem.

  Protease improves the digestion of the complex proteinaceous material.

  Analyse helps in better utilization of the starch component in the feed.

  Cellulase acts on the fibre component and release more metabolizable energy from bound from.

  Significant reduction in medcinal costs. Considerable increase in yield.