Toxic Binders

Contents :

Natural Zeolite For Aquaculture

Composition :

Sio2, Tio2, Al2O3, Mogo, M ho, Na2o, K2o, P2o3, Lol


During Pond Preperation : 10-15 Kgs/acre

During Culture : 25kgs/acre

Fish Dose : 25kgs/acre


   Purifies water and improves dissolve oxygen content of water

   Absorbs Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases and bad odour in pond water

   Absorbs Bacteria, Suspends Solids , waste Materials and dirty Substances in pond Water

   Improves Water quality conditions of Pond Bottom

  Improves Water quality in pond to prevent occurrence of diseases and helps achieve faster growth

   Improves the DO content in pond water and regulates the PH of the pond Water