Water Probiotic

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Soil Probiotic

Gill Infections

Complete Soil and Water Probiotic formula for Intensive Aquaculture farming

Composition :

Each gram of the material contains NLT 10 Billion CFU/Gram of Microbial Population Along with bioremediation Enzymes like Protease, Cellulase, Amylase with other Essential Enzymes blend.

Dosage: Shrimps /Prawns

During Pond preparation : 500 gms/acre.

During Culture : 250 - 350 gms/acre.

Fish Dose : 1kg /acre or advised by aqua consultant

Dose may very depending on pond condition and stocking density


Cut open one pack and mix with the sand and apply into the pond evenly (or) apply into the Pond infront of the Aerator.


  Helps in improving the water Quality.

  Restores normal pond bottom soil conditions. Very much effective in Bioremediation of all kinds of Organic waste material.

   Helps in reducing the water turbidity and improves the water colour.

   Regular application will improves the yields in healthy ponds.

   Creates normal healthy environment in Aquaculture ponds.

   Very much effective in reducing the stress conditions in pond water.

   Helps in elimination of Pathogenic bacterial populations from pond waters.

  Helps un-interrupted moult mechanism.

  Minimizes the number of water changes in Culture period.

   Promotes the Growth and development of Phytoplankton in pond water.