Protein Enriched Feed Supplement

Composition :

50% protien (on dry basis) 11% Lactic Acid and other Essential Amino Acids Vitamins and Minerals. Growvit Gel has highest metabolisable energy ME of 1555 Kcal per kg. It improves palatability and increases uptake of feed in live stock. It has good binding ability. The digestibility of protein in Growvit Gel is 93%

Dosage: Shrimps /Prawns

5 - 10 grms. per Kg. of pellet feed or as advised by the aqua consultant


  Provides daily requirements of protiens, Vitamins.

  Amino acids & Minerals supplements Improves better utilization of nutrients.

  Prevents nutritional disorders and stress. Iproves faster growth and weight gain.

   Maintains high and uniform growth Improves feed conversion ratio (FCR) Improves quality of flesh