Toxic Binders

A Solution for all types of Ammonia Problems

ODOCURE is 100% crushed Yucca Schidigera produced by mechanical methods is the refined stalk of yucca plant and utilizes its own fiber as a natural carrier.

ODOCURE as been shown to help reduce noxiousodours and overall levels of ammonia in aquaculture ponds.

Contents :

ODOCURE contains spray dried yucca schidigera powder along with stabilizers.


500gms/acre/3ft, depth/week

Or advised by aqua consultant. Dose may very depending on pond condition and stocking density.


   ODOCURE decreases the level of ammonia present in the pond.

   It reduces and controls foul odour.

   Prevents building up of Toxic conditions in pond

   Improves overall health and survival rate of Shrimp, Prowns and Fishes.