Water Probiotic

Vibro Controller(EMS & RMS)

Soil Probiotic

Gill Infections

Composition :

Rhodobacter Sps, Rhodococcus, Nitrobactor Sps. Nitrosomonas SPS, Bacillus Subtillis

Dosage: Shrimps /Prawns

For Shrimp / Prawn: 2-3 ltrs/acre(At 3 feet water depth)

In fish ponds: 0.5-1 ltr/Acre(At 3 feet water depth) or as directed by the aqua consultant.


  POND PRO PS reduces Obnoxious odours, by removing hydrogen Sulphide build-up in the pond.

   It plays a major role in water purification by organic matter degradation.

   It controls the ammonia levels in the Pond Water.

  It promotes growth of beneficial phytoplankton and stabilizes the bloom and PH.

  It suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria specially vibrio in pond.

  It is effective in a wide range of pH and salinity.

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